A Prayer For Vegas And The World

Lord God,

We seek you in this time of despair and tragedy.

Our world is groaning and longing for healing.

We sit and wait as lives are lost and hearts are broken, waiting for Your return.

Yet, we may not have to look further than ourselves.

You have called us to love our neighbor. We have not done that well.

You have called us to be a light for your glory, yet we have been dim.

You have called us to spread your love and message of hope, but our voices have remained silent. Instead we share hatred and anger. We spread a message you never spoke.

God forgive us.

Move in this world. Move in your followers. Move in your creation.

May we feel your presence oh God!

May we experience your love.

May we be the comforters and reconciles you have given us the call to be.

Lord, be with us.

We see the pain, which means you do too.

When our hearts are broken and your creation mourns, you mourn with us.

Give us rest. Grant us peace. Reveal your hope in these hopeless moments.

Use us to bring change. May we respond your work and your purpose.

May your glory shine in this dark time.

Bring us back. Bring us together.

We rest and wait on you Lord.


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