Walking Away For The Sake of You and Others Around You

We all know people in toxic relationships. People who are connected with someone who continues to tear them a part and bring them down. We watch them as they are defeated and become shells of themselves.

We try our best to speak sense into their life, but there is nothing more we can do. They won’t listen and we are draining our emotional resources on them to no avail.

So, what do you do?

Walk away.

Some would say, “Well, that’s mighty unChristian of you, don’t you think?”

My response, “Nope. God doesn’t want us to be drained by others. He wants us to serve and love, but He also wants us to be spiritually healthy in the process. If someone is toxic, that is not healthy for you.”

That’s a long reply, but it’s the truth.

When you are speaking truth into someone’s life and they don’t want to hear it, you need to step away.

It doesn’t mean you drop them forever, nor does it mean you stop being there when they reach out.

What it means is, for the sake of your emotional and spiritual health, you find freedom by letting go.

When you are consumed by someone who will not listen or change, you are enslaved by their inability to own their life.

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In fact, there might be people telling you right now that you are in a toxic relationship, with someone who is in a toxic relationship.

Keep your strength, and sanity, and walk away.

It will help you to continue on with your life and enable others to experience your energy as well.

Other people may need your advice and wisdom, just as much as the other person. The only difference is, the other people might just listen.

Be wise about who you pour your energy into.

Be wise as to how long you spend trying to help or heal others. If they don’t want it, then keep your distance.

You never know, once you walk away, they may come after you realizing they need to listen.

The next question is, “When should I walk away?”

That’s between you and God, but here are some thoughts to weigh out your decision:

If you find yourself dwelling on the other person’s life, more than your own, you may need to walk away.

If you find yourself leaving others friendships in order to handle the crisis of this individual, regularly, then you may need to step back.

If you find yourself unable to accomplish tasks because you are constantly running to be by the side of this individual, you may need to make some space.

There is no cookie cutter approach to walking away, but you need to respect yourself, and the other people, enough to walk away when necessary.

Find balance. Find peace. Don’t beat yourself up for making space to serve others, not just one.

Remember, you aren’t the ultimate healer. You can only do so much. It will be alright if you step away.

Tweet: You aren’t the ultimate healer. It will be alright if you step away. @bobben74 https://ctt.ec/90hcK+

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: Have you ever had to leave a friendship or relationship due to toxicity?

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