A Letter to High School Seniors

Dear Seniors,

Well, here you are, beginning your final chapter in your high school career.

I remember this time fondly. I am reminded of the excitement I had pulling up to campus, knowing this was my last “first” day of school. I remember looking at my class schedule, and thinking, “Man, I have nothing to worry about…well, except pre-calculus.”

This is your time! This is where you make your exit.

The only thing you have to consider is, what will your exit look like?

Whether you believe it or not, the way you wrap up high school will have a larger influence than you might think.

Here’s a few thoughts to assist you in starting, and ending, your senior year strong, and leaving a positive impression that will last with others, but also for you…

1) BE POSITIVE: This may seem cliche, but for real, be positive. Don’t focus on negativity in the class or in the school. Try not to buy into the negative attitudes of others. Smile, I know that may seem lame, but seriously, smile. Smile at people. Smile for yourself. It makes you feel better too.

2) BE KIND: You don’t want to be remembered as a jerk. That’s it. So be kind. Don’t pick on other kids. Don’t be prideful. Remember what it was like to be the new kid on campus, and try to find one to befriend. It’s very simple.

3) BE YOU: Allow yourself to be, well, yourself. Quit trying to impress. Quit trying to fit in. I mean, the reality is you’re done, so there’s nothing to fit into. Be who you know you have wanted to be. You may or may not see most of these classmates again, and those you continue to be friends with, will know who you really are anyway, so might as well start living it.

4) BE A LISTENER: People will be trying to give you advice and help you think through your future decisions. Listen. Yes, you ultimately make your choice, but listen to those with experience. Don’t allow them to tell you what to do or not do, you own your decisions, but listen to their thoughts. You don’t know it all, I know that’s hard to hear, but you have a lot of growing to do, listen to those who have grown, or at least have grown more than you over time.


5) BE A PLANNER: This doesn’t necessarily mean making a plan for everything, but actually having a plan for something. Get a calendar and keep it. Don’t depend on your parents to control your calendar. When you get to college or the workforce, it is your responsibility to manage your schedule, so start now. Begin a financial plan. Budget your money. Start saving. Be wise in your spending. Begin planning for your future, and your finances play a major role in all of it. Plan well.

That’s it. There’s much more I can share, but these are five important ideas to work through, and focus on, to end your Senior year strong.

May you have a wonderful year and, may you end strong, as you get ready to begin your next chapter in life.

If you would like to think more about who you are, or what you’re made for, check out My book MADE FOR MORE, to be encouraged in your faith journey.

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