Dream, But Don’t Stop There!

What do you dream about? What are your hearts desires?

Have you allowed yourself to only dream?

When I graduated college, I had a dream to write a book. It took me several years, but I finally wrote it.

When I was in junior high and high school, I dreamed about becoming a comedian and actor. I may not necessarily be those things, but I am planning a standup comedy night, just to do what I have always wanted.

I don’t care if I bomb, as long as I know I attempted my dream, I’m ok.

Besides, it’s only failure if I don’t try.

We all need to dream big. We need to imagine the possibilities.

However, we cannot rest in our dreams! We need to work and pursue them. We need to make them a reality, or at least try!

So, back to the original questions: What do you dream about? What are your hearts desires?

Let me add this third question: What are you going to do to make them a reality…or at least try?

You may not become a ballerina, but you can take a dance class. You may not become a #1 best-seller, but you can write something. You may not become a professional baseball player, but you can be a star on a church league softball team (that’s a joke, because everyone’s a star in church league).

All I’m saying is, try. My wife always asks people who are considering their dreams, “If you think, when you’re 80, you would regret not pursuing this dream, then you need to work for it.” Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I love her, she drops wisdom bombs like that.

Dream big, but don’t rest in the dream, take action to make them a reality.

Peace and blessings friends.

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