Too much fun in quarantine

Quarantine is tough! Who wants to be trapped in their home, wishing to be out with friends? Nobody! Even if you’re an introvert, you still want to have some social interaction on occasion. Being an introvert on your own is alright, but when it’s forced, you can’t choose when you want to socialize.

I am someone who likes to be around people. It’s been hard to be stuck inside. However, I am making the most of it by making funny, at least to me, parody songs and videos.

I am sharing them with you here, if you haven’t seen them already. I hope you enjoy them! Share them, if you do!

I Can’t Go (parody of Let It Go from Frozen)

Stay Six Feet Apart (parody of Listen To Your Heart by Roxette)


Thanks! Be safe and wash your hands!

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