I Wrote a Children’s Book!

Well, here I am writing to announce something really cool! I wrote my first children’s book!

Some have asked, “What made you do that? You don’t write children’s books.”

Which I reply, “I know. I was actually writing a book on Christian leadership, when this idea came into my head. So, now I write children’s books, too!”

I wrote this book to help encourage kids going through changes in their life. As a kid, I remember some significant life changes that occurred all before the age of 10. My dad and first stepmom got divorced. My dad and I moved to southern California to move in with my grandma. I started a new school. We moved to our own place. I had to make new friends. It was all a whirlwind.

It can be quite intimidating for kids and creates some fear and anxiety. Gregory’s Big Move is all about these changes and transitions. They may seem scary at first, but there is potential for good things to come from all the shifts in your life. I hope this book can be fun and encouraging to children, and even adults, going through life changes.

You can pre-order the book here!

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