Peace in the Valley

There are trees on both sides of the road with leaves changing due to the fall season. I see shades of red, green, brown, and yellow waving in the breeze showing the transition of time. The hills have spots of green in between where one row of trees end and a new one begins. It is absolutely stunning!
Another thing I have noticed in this setting is valleys. There are several sections in my drive that seem so deep and so dark that give the illusion of never being able to get out. It looks scary. I imagine walking into some of these spots and discovering mystical creatures and possibly many of my own fears.
In life, these valleys are everywhere! We have our dark moments where we feel like there is no way out. We have our points where we dwell in our biggest fears and we are paralyzed due to the unknown. Many times when we are in these valleys we fail to see past our feet. We stand still hoping for someone to find us. It is dark and lonely.
However, there is hope in the valley. If we focus on our feet we miss the beauty above us. We stand still we miss the beauty ahead. If we become paralyzed by our fear of the unknown, then we miss the beauty of what could be waiting. You see, God has given us hope to look forward. He has given us scenery all around to know that the valley is not ugly.

We would be naïve to think we would never experience a time like this, but we would be naïve to think God would not provide a path out. While we follow that path we need to look up! The Lord’s creation guides us to His help and hope. He delivers us from our valley, but His glory is found in and out of the dark time. We just have to look past our feet.

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