Taking a Break…for a few weeks

I have been silent on writing my blog for a bit. My wife and I are expecting our third child any day now! So, I am taking some time off from writing my blog to be ready, and awake, when she goes into labor. I normally do my blog writing  10pm-12am so,  I need sleep before the baby gets here.

In the meantime, I will be writing my third book during my step away from the blog.

Actually, to be honest, I have been writing it for a couple months now, but I will be focusing on the new book a bit more. I can write my book throughout the day, and I have normally been writing during the afternoon anyway.

As for now, if you’re interested in checking out one of the other books I have written, I am including them here.

I’m looking forward to returning to the blog soon, but I am totally looking forward to the new baby and other fun events occurring for us in these next months!

Thanks for following!


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